Renovo Badash 29er Wood Mountain Bike

Renovo Badash 29r Wood MTB

Who would have thought wood, the material that whizzes by you on the trails, that we build stunts from, would be such great frame material for a mountain bike? Introducing the finely crafted Renovo Badash 29er wood mountain bike. The Badash 29er is a custom made bike using select woods chosen by the owner and weighs in at an astonishing 4 – 5.5 pounds, with a built bike coming in at 16.5-20 lbs. That is impressive considering that a comparable high-end hardtail comes in at 20-25 lbs. All I can say is that this bike performs like no other. It’s stiff, allowing for precise, predictable manoeuvrings. Due to the inherent quality of wood, it absorbs any edge that the trail throws your way. The Badash 29er is manufactured in Portland, Oregon, USA using tropical woods such as bamboo. New this year is the Appalachian Series, using lumber grown, harvested, and milled in the US Appalachian region. Not since the good ol’ days, can a rider say that their bike is manufactured and built of materials straight from the USA. All Renovo frames are environmentally friendly, built with sustainable woods and low VOC finishes; a definite thumbs up in our books. We’ve been riding for over 25 years and it’s nice to see companies, like Renovo, innovate using century-old materials. Who’s up for a ride?