Halloween Essentials Part 1

Halloween Essentials Part 1

With October in full-swing, we thought it would be appropriate to put together a three-part Halloween Essentials that is sure to inspire. We start our Halloween Essentials Part 1 with the Dog Stars. This apocalyptic thriller is a great read about a back-country pilot and his trusty dog. Can’t forget man’s best friend this Halloween!

Just like any good costume, you’ll need accessories that keep it held together. Emil Erwin have done just that with their brown leather/copper hardware suspenders that will help you pull together that Paul Bundy costume. These are hand-stitched in the good-ol’ USA. Once Halloween is over, you can rock them with your skinny jeans.

Halloween isn’t Halloween without some good ol’ fashioned zombie killing. Tequila Works have recently launched Deadlight for xbox live. This survival game has received rave reviews to date, and we can’t wait to try it. If you want to listen to something great while gaming download Carmina Burana. We specifically recommend Carl Orff: Carmina Burana by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Another great track is Toccata and Fugue in D minor, definitely chilling.

Any Halloween party or Oktoberfest isn’t complete without a great beer. The folks at St-Ambroise have returned with their Pumpkin Ale. Oh how we love pumpkin. Down a few pumpkin ales while wearing your lumberjack-themed costume. Field Aesthetic has the perfect Blaze Watch Cap, or as us Canadians would say, toque, that will finish your costume off. If you want to really creep out your Halloween date (or turn them on, depending on what they’re into) pick up the Plague Doctor Mask in Black. Make sure the kiddies have gone to bed before putting this mask on!!!

Everyone likes a great TV show, and the The Walking Dead series is a great way to celebrate October. I’ve watched every episode and I’m hooked. The Walking Dead TV series is based upon the graphic novel with the same title. Stay tuned for our Halloween Essentials Part 2 and 3.