Bichos Lamp by Martinho Pita

Binchos Lamp

The Bichos Lamp by Martinho Pita unleashes the creature within. We can’t think of a better way to create something out of nothing. I luv how each branch has taken on its own unique character that literally comes to life. I’ve yet to see anything this creative in a long time. Leave it to an architect to develop something so unique that has embodied a soul all of its own. All Lamps are hand-made using holm (holly) oak trees, known for their hardness, and high quality firewood. Each lamp has a ground-to-ground life cycle; tree pruning, create into lamp, use lamp, and finally, use as firewood. Way to go Martin for creating a new species, a true feat these days. Items are limited, and have a life of their own, so contact the owner here, and adopt one here.