VIPP Bathroom Set

VIPP Gallon Pedal Bin

Who says taking out the trash was a bad thing? The VIPP Bathroom set has been around since 1939, and it shows. The manufacturing process hasn’t changed much, and that’s what we like. VIPP products are still hand made in Denmark  while most other products are shipped oversees to factories to reduce manufacturing costs. What specifically attracted us to this collection was the fact that each bin is hand-made using components manufactured in the VIPP Danish factory. The history surrounding the original creation of the VIPP bin is also as interesting as the products themselves. VIPP founder Holger Nielson was a budding metal spinner; one evening at a football game he wins a car in a raffle, without a license, he decides to sell the car and invest in a metal lathe.  The rest is history. Call it serendipity, or fate, but this man was meant to design! Simple, functional, well thought-out design is what we love best. The VIPP bathroom line further includes a toilet brush and soap dispenser, as featured. Get one here