Riseful’s GoPro RollPro III

Riseful RollPro III case

Everything in its place with Riseful’s GoPro RollPro III case. The RollPro is a simple way to organize all your GoPro cameras, cases and accessories. Yes you could throw all your gear into a duffle bag and spend hours trying to find that mounting clip or you could load up a RollPro III to organize all those small pieces such as SD cards to those thumb screws to charging cords. When you’re half way down the mountain capturing the best footage of your life the last thing you’ll want to do is start searching for an empty SD card. You’ll probably never run out of room as these cases can hold up to three GoPros with cases, six large back covers, four regular covers and all the accessories you’ll ever need. Made with a hightech industrial marine grade fabric so it’s bound to outlast the GoPro technology. Designed and hand made in California. Get em here.

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