Canvas Craftsman Pants

Kapital Canvas Craftsman Pants

The Canvas Craftsman Pants are a wonderful union of traditional Japanese techniques and urban style. Finding unique and great looking pants for men can be difficult. There are jeans, more jeans, and the odd dress pant. O.K., I’m being sarcastic, but it is sometimes frustrating trying to find a great pant. Don’t get us wrong, we dig a great pair of jeans, but sometimes you can only wear them so much. It’s hard to find a pant that adds flare, yet not over the top that would be only seen on bozo the clown. Thanks goodness for Japanese design. They have been pushing the boundaries for years, developing unique spins on classic fashion; although some more successful than others. The Craftsman pants by Kapital are made in Japan using 100% cotton canvas, and are combined with indigo denim sashiko patching. Get em here.