CSR Small Block Surfboard Bike Rack

CSR Small Block Surfboard Rack

Introducing the CSR Small Block Surfboard Bike Rack, the only thing to break will be the surf. Carver Surfboard Racks have been busy developing the first unbreakable machined clamping system designed for your bike, mopeds, and more. What’s not to like about this system?, it combines two types of riding that we dig. Started in 2003 by Orlando Baker, he crafted the first Carver products off the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, and later moved shop to Colorado. Hawaii has a wonderful surf culture, and we can totally understand where he got his inspiration from. This is not the first time Hawaii has created great products, check out our previous review on Kazuma Surfboards; a perfect match for the CSR surfboard rack. Each rack is hand crafted in the USA using alloy arms and a billit machined 6061 clamp. The CSR Small Block Surfboard Rack will make sure you get to where the surf is calling you. Get em here.