Garmin Rino 655t GPS – 2way Radio

Garmin Rino 655t GPS - 2way Radio -

Find your way with the Garmin Rino 655t GPS – 2way Radio. This may be the ultimate outdoor device, a combination of a walkie-talkie (voice and text), GPS with TOPO maps, altimeter, compass, 5 mp digital camera, and weather radio. The two-way radio may be a given, but the added bonus is the ability to send other Rino users text messages and exact co-ordinates of your waypoints and routes. A lot of devices have GPS units built-in, but this Rino comes pre-loaded with TOPO 100k maps, with the option to add City Navigator and BirdsEye satellite images (subscription add-ons), and the ability to upload custom maps. All these features are packaged into a compact waterproof shell that contains the decent 240 x 160 px color screen. Keep your iPhone in the truck and get one here.