Rocky Mountain Featherbed Denim Down Vest

Rocky Mountain Featherbed Denim Down Vest -

Introducing the western inspired Rocky Mountain Featherbed Denim Down Vest. Rocky Mountain Featherbed (RMFB) may not be the most popular brand, but they’ve been around the block a few times over. Originally founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the late 60’s, RMFB are one of the first companies to start using GoreTex within their apparel. The company eventually closed their doors in the 80’s, but were revived by Japanese based 35 Summers Collection in 2005. RMFB has stayed true to their heritage of design and craftsmanship. This new Denim Down center piece features hand dyed “vintage” washed denim accented by a seamless leather yoke. Insulated by 70% Down / 30% Feathers, and lined with 100% nylon and a corduroy collar. The Down Vest is also available in Harris Tweed, Nylon, or Corduroy. Check em out here.