Sea Shell “Charles D.”

Sea Shell

Conquer the land and sea with the Sea Shell “Charles D.” AETEM have created a great line of backpacks/waterboards that allow the sea trekker to travel minimally, in accordance with nature. Hand made using a robust carbon hard shell, the Sea Shell is an ocean worthy tool designed to excel both on land and sea. In water, the Sea Shell floats on a leash with little resistance due to its elaborate aqua-dynamic shape. On land, attach the backpack harnesses and the Sea Shell becomes a well weighted comfortable backpack. If your trek turns flat, adding the optional wheels to turn this backpack into a trolley. Weighing in between 3.5 – 7 kg, the Sea Shell is comprised of two separate gas and waterproof chambers (70L capacity) that are held closed using stable screw caps. If you have a little Jacques Cousteau in your blood and nothing is floating your boat these days, the Sea Shell by Aetem, is one great piece of innovative gear. Get in contact with them and order yours here.

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