Wasatch Sunrise Trekking/Ski Pole

Wasatch Sunrise Trekking/Skiing Pole - LumberJac

Whatever direction you’re headed, the Wasatch Sunrise Trekking/Ski pole will support you all the way. To have an impressive support line is great, but it’s even better when it looks equally as nice. The Wasatch Sunrise Trekking/Ski pole by Soul Pole has it all! Each Pole starts out with hand selected bamboo which is then combined with ergonomically designed grips that utilizes grippy recycled plastic material. The result is a handmade beauty that is not only 25% stronger than aluminum poles, but is also lighter in many cases. Other than its strength, Soul Pole collaborated with r. nelson parrish to create this limited edition functional piece of art. Soul Pole has thought of everything with their lineup creating one of the greenest options south of the pole. Get em here.