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Yuba River Backpacker’s Cologne

Yuba River Cologne

Say hello to the new Yuba River Backpacker’s Cologne, a cologne made for the rugged adventurer in all of us. There is nothing like waking up while camping to the smell of your wild surroundings, it’s a distinct smell that resonates with us all the way back to our childhood. Juniper Ridge dug into the past by being the first company to once again produce a cologne from start to finish.The Yuba River Cologne (like all their products) is made on the trail using all natural ingredients distilled from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, as well as just about any thing found in the backcountry. We admire their roots and their crazy process because when you boil it down, their passion for the outdoors runs as deep as ours. Check out their store for more outdoor products ,or if you want smell like the Northern Sierra lakes shimmering with fall sunlight, pick up some cologne here.