ARK Portable Wireless Charger

ARK Portable Wireless Charger - LumberJac

Free yourself from wires with the ARK Portable Wireless Charger. This little device instantly charges all Qi-certified devices wireless. The best part is that this unit is about the size of your Apple TV (and virtually the same case design), and is completely portable so you can take power with you. Each fully charged ARK holds up to 3 full phone charges before needing to be plugged in for more juice. Another added benefit is the ability to simultaneously charge two phones at once, one wireless, and the other via the USB port. If you travel in groups you know how frustrating it can be when everyone’s phones dies at the same time. Based on ARK’s initial test it charges roughly 5% faster than wired connection, and 20% faster than any other wireless charger on the market.

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