Retroshift CX Shifters

Retroshift CX Shifters - LumberJac

Take a trip back in time with the Retro CX Shifters. When I first saw these shifters it brought back fond memories of days gone by when you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to fix your bike. I still remember getting my hands on my Sontour XC pro shifters/derailers, I was so stoked! In fact, they still reside on my Team Chance today, and it’s about time they made a come back. You might be wondering how taking a step back in time can be an improvement. The CX shifters are simple and effective shifters that provide durable, reliable, trouble-free shifting even when the conditions turn for the worse. Another great advantage is the price point. How many companies will let you send in your busted unit and repair or replace it for just 24 bucks? Like they say “Try that with those fancy shifters!”  Available for cross and road, retroshift CX shifters fit a variety of configs and colors.

Get yours at Retroshift’s online store.