Wooden Snowshoes

Iverson Wooden Beavertail Snowshoes - LumberJac

Break trails the old school way with a pair Iverson’s Wooden Snowshoes. At first blush these may look like your grandfather’s snowshoes, but don’t let the traditional materials fool you. Designed and made by Clarence Iverson who’s been honing his snowshoeing R&D craft for over 50 years. His goal is simple, achieve maximum weight distribution for optimum flotation. Over the years his designs have evolved, but his dedication to hand craftsmanship has not wavered. Each pair is handcrafted with Michigan harvested White Ash, hand-laced with premium rawhide, and protected with three layers of varnish. Ash has been traditionally used for its superior long grain strength, flexibility, and holds a shape that doesn’t become brittle or break in the cold conditions. The design acts like a rudder as you slice through the deep powder, keeping you straight laced to your destination.

Available through Kaufmann Mercantile’s online store or check out Iverson’s collection on Amazon.