Eve Concept Bike by Bandit9

Eve Concept Bike by Bandit9 - LumberJac

The Eve Concept Bike by Bandit9 gives “Made in China” a whole new meaning. It’s hard to believe the Eve is a modified 1967 Honda SS. Completely overhauled and tailored with a custom exhaust, custom handlebars, exposed suspension, uniquely new cattle skin leather seat, chrome/bronze finishes, and the signature chrome unibody. The Eve is designed and handcrafted in Beijing by the pirates at Bandit9. They’ve completely revolutionized the idea of a custom-built cafe racer. There’s no predictability with Bandit9, every bike is unique and completely distinct from the last. The only thing you can rely on if you miss an opportunity to order an Eve, you can be guaranteed the next design will be just as good, if not better.

Pre-order yours at Bandit9’s site.