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531cc Road Jacket

531cc Road Jacket - LumberJac

Be prepared to battle the seasons in style with the 531cc Road Jacket by Road Rags. You won’t need any other jacket once you get your hands on this all-around versatile riding jacket. Designed for three seasons, Road Rags have developed a design that combines versatility with classic hard-working style. This is a  jacket we could see ourselves easily using for more than the intended purpose. Manufactured in England using 100% cotton, fine wale corduroy, and an interior lining of Ventile; the jacket combines a zipped front with an extra protective button-up layer. What sets this apart from other jackets is its Ventile lining. Developed for RAF and their flying suits, this super cool material is 100% natural, water resistant and (the kicker), it breathes far better than other all-weather fabric (although I would need to test these claims myself to make me a true believer).

Pick one up at Road Rag’s online store.

531cc Road Jacket3 - LumberJac

531cc Road Jacket1 - LumberJac

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