Brute Box 50 Cooler

Brute Box 50qt - LumberJac

Everything stays cooler with the Brute Box 50 QT. We’ve featured our fair share of coolers over the last year, all with features that are promising. Well, we are pleased to add one more to the mix. The Brute Box 50QT cooler is proudly made in America with features such as seamless one piece construction that can easily take any abuse thrown at it. Flush mounted hinges are nicely integrated into the box, and of course heavy duty hinges that easily seal when you need them the most. Last but not least is the freezer grade insulation, keeping your food good for 5 days. With a true-to-size box, the Brute Box is another company that has brought its A game to the table which might leave the competition melting in its tracks. With the handful of coolers we’ve featured here on LumberJac, we might need to do a comparison to see which one meets our strictest (and coolest) standards.

Get yours at Amazon or Brute’s online store.

Brute Box 50qt Front - LumberJac

Brute Box 50qt Open - LumberJac

Brute Box 50qt Latch - LumberJac

Brute Box 50qt Hinge - LumberJac