Tellason Topper Denim Shirt

Tellason-Topper-Denim-Shirt-1 - LumberJac

Meet the Tellason Topper Raw Denim Shirt, the way all denim should be done. If you have an appreciation for well made goods using only locally sourced materials, you just might feel at home in a Tellason Topper Shirt. This shirt is crafted and sewn in San Francisco using Cone Mills White Oak raw rope-dyed 7.5 oz denim. Not only is this shirt made to last, it will fit, feel, and look better years after you’ve taken it home. I’ve had my Tellason shirt for over 6 months and it keeps getting better with age. At first you’ll notice the denim stiffness, but over time the raw denim will conform to your body making the shirt completely personal and probably the most comfortable shirt you’ll ever wear. My only regret is not filling my wardrobe with Tellason denim years ago.

Size one up directly from Tellason’s online store.

Tellason-Topper-Denim-Shirt-2 - LumberJac