Adidas x RAF Simons Stan Smith

Adidas x RAF Simons Stan Smith Orange - LumberJac

The three stripes strike again with the Adidas x RAF Simons Stan Smith. Anytime Adidas hits the market with a collaboration we are super stocked. New this fall, Belgian designer Raf Simons brings his iconic style to Stan Smith. Although usually quite ground breaking with his design, Simon pays homage to Stan Smith’s iconic stature. His design approach is rather simple, negating any audacious adornments he is known for to keep the silhouette of the shoe. Where his flare comes into play is within the perforated capital “R”. Even though we miss the three stripes, the “R” puts a period on a design that represents two brands perfectly. To top it all off, and quite possibly one of our favorite features is the brilliant orange it is available in. To be honest, there is nothing quite like it, plus you can guarantee no red necks will mistaken you for a young buck.

Available at END’s online store.

Adidas x RAF Simons Stan Smith White-Orange - LumberJac

Adidas x RAF Simons Stan Smith Green - LumberJac