MegaTarp-1 - LumberJac

Your adventure is waiting with the MegaTarp by Kifaru. The MegaTarp is a great alternative for those heading out to the backcountry and looking to lighten the load from the traditional tent or those over-weighted tarps. The tarp, pegs, and pole kit will set you back about 3 lbs. You’ll be good for three season with just the MegaTarp, but when you add the optional Annex and portable stove, the winter season won’t keep you away from the outdoors. The MegaTarp is large enough for two plus your gear, or if you’re going solo you’ll have enough room for all your gear and a weeks worth of dry firewood. The Megatarp is waterproof and will resist wind gusts of about 60 mph plus more depending on the stiffness of the ground.

Select your configuration and available directly through Kifaru’s online store.

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