OD-11 Wireless Speaker

OD-11 WIreless Speaker

Introducing the OD-11 Wireless Speaker, it’s back and better than ever. If you’ve been following us you’ll know that we have a fascination with wireless bluetooth speakers, hi-fi equipment, and functional straight-up minimal design. The OD-11 by teenage engineering is one serious minimal speaker that covers all the octaves, as it should. Don’t let the facade fool you. Inside this bad boy is a built-in computer, 100 watt amplifier, and of course, a wireless stereo. On top sits a clever 1-click bluetooth remote. The OD-11 originally dates back to 1974 (a great year we must say), when it was created by Swedish genius, Stig Carlsson. Teenage Engineering and their new OD-11 worked closely with the Stig Carlsson Foundation, building on the tradition to make great natural sound. All we have to say is finally, something that lets sound do all the speaking.

Pre-order yours from teenage engineering, or get yours now at Moma’s online store.

OD-11 - LumberJac

OD-11 - LumberJac

OD-11-Computer - LumberJac

OD-11-Detail - LumberJac