Foot Tractor Wading Boot


Never lose traction again with the new Foot Tractor Wading Boot by Patagonia. Whether you’re fly-fishing or cast fishing, there is something about wading through a river and throwing out that perfect cast that gets all of us. Amongst the serenity there’s a little annoying fact that no matter how graceful you think you are, the rocks, algae, and wood always bring you back to earth. Albeit brief, it can be a little annoying slipping and sliding, especially since if you were to fall, the river tends to win. The folks at Patagonia and their new Foot Tractor Wading Boot have stepped up their game with award winning, patent-pending aluminum bars. These wading boots are a step above the norm, and a design that at least looks like a wading boot. The Bars employ a more aggressive shape that will easily cut through some of the toughest conditions. When trudging on the trails, it won’t accumulate mud like its knobby counter parts, this is another plus. On top of their fantastic minimal design, they are made from fast-drying synthetic leather plus Venerfy monofilament mesh panels.

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