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Kent 20T Foldable Pocket Comb


Look slick with the Kent 20T Foldable Pocket Comb. Carrying around a comb can be a bit of a pain in the ass, that is unless you have a foldable comb like the Kent 20T Foldable Comb. The Kent 20t Foldable comb is a brilliant execution of one of the most simple tools out there. Hand made in Britain, Kent has been making combs/brushes since the seventeen-hundreds (that’s one hell of a long time) utilizing the highest level of materials. Each comb has been saw-cut, hand polished, and buffed to create smooth rounded teeth made from cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based plastic derived from plants. If you’re looking to be as cool as the Fonz, or your Tom Selleck mustache is a bit unruly, or if your grizzly Adams beard needs some taming; rest assured that your Kent 20T Pocket Foldable Comb will do just that.

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