Sanborn Firestarter Kit

Sanborn-Firestarter-Kit-1 - LumberJac

Fire is guaranteed with the Sanborn Firestarter Kit. Rubbing two sticks together seems like an impossible exercise, and a douse of lighter fluid is too easy, but a small stack of cedar kindling with the help of a match and a cedar firestarter is just right. The Sanborn Firestarter Kit includes 8 Cedar Firestarters, 1 Marble’s Match container (with matches) and some cedar kindling. For all you Sanborn Paddle fans you’ll be happy to know each Firestarter kit is handmade from scrap cedar salvaged from the paddle crafting process. This kit may not be the best choice for the deep backcountry trip, but it’s perfect for the cabin or your next car camping trip.

Available through Sanborn’s online store. Matches included where shipping permits.

Sanborn-Firestarter-Kit-2 - LumberJac