AXS Folk Technology x Clae Mills Runner


Introducing the AXS Folk Technology x Clae Mills Runner, a defining moment in distinct footwear. Being distinct is one thing, but when you combine that with premium leathers and wicked materials you get a shoe that we’d have no problem sporting.  Inspiration for this runner was gathered from local artisans and their backyard creations which we admire greatly. The runner features hand-dyed suede by LA Leathercraft in Silverlake, curry colored dual texture smooth nubuck, and hairy suede. The midsole is made from Clae’s signature cork (offering a functional and unique look not seen elsewhere) which sits on a clear hand-laid specking outsole. Clae and AXS have created a shoe that goes above and beyond the typical shoe that emphasizes the two brands in one truly unique platform.

There are only 300 available worldwide so hurry and size yours up at AXS Folk Technology or Clae’s online shop.