Compact Folding Survival Bow


Form equals true function with the Compact Folding Survival Bow. You may not be an avid hunter, or even a survivalist, but you have to admit that this folding bow is one serious work of art. I’ve always admired bows and how they require mounds of skill to become more than proficient in the sport. Other than a pure custom traditional wooden bow, this would rank high on our must-have list. Made in the USA, Primal Gear made their Folding Bow 100% bomb proof. With its integrated arrow shelf, high strength quality materials such as T-6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, and replaceable fiberglass limbs, this is one lightweight design (2.25lbs) that will likely outlast any scenario you could imagine.

If you appreciate great minimal design and enjoy being prepared, than pick yours up at Primal Gear’s online store.