Mitchell Baseball Bats


Baseball bats have had lots of history but none as decorated as Mitchell Baseball Bats. Plain and simple, Mitchell Bats are some of the sweetest bats we’ve seen to date. Hand painted, each bat is hand crafted out of solid maple in the good old USA. Mitchell’s inspiration was drawn from baseball teams of the past, but with his own modern swing on them. Besides his bats, he has created some incredible looking baseballs made from Brown Horween Chromexcel Leather and turquoise waxed linen thread. Unfortunately we’re not avid baseball followers, but after checking out Mitchell’s bats, we could see ourselves purchasing a couple of these babies (or even more) because they’re more that just bats, they are pure design masterpieces. We’re also impressed that part of the proceeds go to reviving baseball within inner cities.

Available in 31 designs, get 1, 2 or 3 at Mitchell’s online store.