SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump

SILCA-SuperPista-Ultimate-Floor-Pump-2 - LumberJac

Raise your standards with the SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump. Just cause’ you’ve seen one floor pump doesn’t mean you’ve seen them all. The SILCA SuperPista is easily the heaviest and most stable floor pump ever made. Weighing in a 7 pounds (mainly in the base), this thing won’t tip or slide when you need it most. Instead of the standard plus or minus 5% industrial gauge reading found on most floor pumps, the SuperPista utilizes a laboratory grade gauge giving you a plus or minus 1% accuracy. It feature a neodymium magnetic chuck (both Presta and Schrader compatible) making it super easy to dock and release, yet strong enough that you can move the wheel and bike without the chuck releasing. The red urethane hose has a smooth bore PRFE liner and is over-braided in stainless steel. It can withstand 12,000 psi, and be rotated at both ends when pressurized. The SuperPista is finished with a rosewood handle and backed by a 25-year hard parts warranty.

Available through SILCA’s online store.

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