Sonnenleder Novalis Pencil Case


The Sonnenleder Novalis Pencil Case is a 5-star hotel for your pens and pencils. You may have the latest pack, sweetest iPhone case, ultra-soft laptop and tablet sleeve, yet your pens always get the shaft and end up getting tossed to the bottom of your bag. Thanks to the Sonnenleder Novalis leather case, your pens and pencils no longer need to be treated like orphans. Leave it to the Germans to craft one of the finest vegetable tanned leather pencil cases. Sonnenleder may have only been founded in 1986, but their expertise in leather tanning spans an insane seven generations. This case will hold one fountain pen, twelve pens/pencils, one small ruler and 2 loops for erasers/sharpeners or even a USB stick.

Give your pens the proper home and get yours directly from Hand-Eye Supply.