Strassenfeger Hybrid Bike


Introducing a true hybrid urban athlete. When it comes to electric bikes, it’s interesting to see how each company deals with their designs. With each new design comes a different concept, all proclaiming to be better than the next. With all the upsides there tends to be one major downside, some electric bikes feel more like a clunky moped then a bike. Now if you’re a true bike enthusiast like we are, you probably won’t be too concerned with the whole electric bike buzz (however, I do admit that the whole electric notion is very intriguing), but leave it to the Germans to sway our perceptions. Enter the Strassenfeger. The Strassenfeger by Electrolyte is one super sophisticated hybrid bike that combines an unassisted ride and feel of a performance bike with the convenience of an electric bike; all at a push of a button. For an electric bike, this is hands down one of the simplest design that I’ve seen to date. Often companies are struggling to incorporate the battery design making the end result look like something out of a circus side show. That is not the case with the Strassenfeger. They have integrated the motor, battery pack and controller all into a single swing-arm fork (better known as the Cannondale lefty). When called upon, the 250 watt motor can support up to 25 km/hr, and has a range up to 100 km. Weighing in at a measly 16 kg, this made in Germany hybrid is sure to keep the electric revolution moving forward.

Available in black-gold or orange-blue-white, you can order yours at Electrolyte’s online store.