Braun KF 21 Aromaster


Make your brew part of history with the Braun KF 21 Aromaster. With all the coffee brewing styles out there,  I can guarantee this one will never go out of style. We love our coffee, so much so we will go out of our way to get everything perfect. With our taste for coffee comes our taste for great design, and there is nothing more iconic than Braun and their approach to classic design. The KF 21 design (sleek and minimal), was inspired by a water tower form that characterizes Braun’s visual design vocabulary of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Initially released in 1972, this coffee maker was created in a period prior to the Gillette acquisition in 1968. As far as great classics go, Braun is an important piece of 20th century design that will leave a great taste in your mouth, just like the coffee.

Available in orange or white, order yours at das programm.