Coil Cold Coffee


Welcome Coil, iced coffee at its best. If you’ve had your fill of iced coffees you’re well aware of the inadequacies compared to traditional coffee. You end up sacrificing flavor for a watered down version of a cold americano, or an overly sweet milk mixture, neither is worth your time. Coffee has come a long way over the last decade with countless time spent perfecting the harvest, roast and brew. It’s literally a shame to see all this flavor washed away in an overly diluted cup of iced coffee. The Coil by Misc Goods Co is the first cold brewing system that won’t dilute your coffee. Without ever touching ice, the Coil drops the temperature of your freshly brewed coffee down from 210 degrees to 48 degrees in four minutes. The drastic drop in temperature happens when the coffee is funneled through nine feet of coiled copper tubing. This ceramic system consists of the bottom container made with a built in spout, the center which holds the nine feet of copper coil, and a lid for the top.

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