Fred&Matt Overshoes


Protect your kicks with a pair of Fred&Matt’s Overshoes. Old man winter has fully unpacked and is gracing us with his presence. Whether you’re dealing with the onset of slushy snow or never ending rain, your immaculate kicks are going to start taking a beating. Fred&Matt’s Overshoes are the perfect solution when packing an extra pair of shoes is not an option. Having an extra pair of shoes at work seems like the most logical solution, but a fraction of us do it, and if you do, you’re left styling the same pair of shoes throughout the winter. Long gone are the rubber galoshes, Fred&Matt’s overshoes are made with a stretchable, breathable, and of course waterproof hi-tech material that will easily slide over your favorite shoes. Each pair is handmade and machine-washable. I don’t have a shelf full of hand crafted leather dress shoes to protect, but I do know my limited edition Adidas will gladly sign-up.

Select from black, blue or red trim, and size up a pair directly from Fred&Matt’s online store.

FredandMatt-Overshoes-2-LumberJacFredandMatt-Overshoes-3-LumberJac FredandMatt-Overshoes-4-LumberJac