Emeco SU Collection


Introducing the Emeco SU Collection, where simplicity is more than a state of mind. When it comes to design, it’s often the simplest forms that take the most effort to create. But it’s also the same simplicity that remains fresh for a lifetime. Nendo, a designer well known for his stripped-down philosophy, fits perfectly with Emeco’s classic design. His Su collection melds Japanese aesthetic, also known as ‘su‘ (plain or unadorned), into a stool that is a wonderful blending of materials and minimalism. The materials include recycled polyethylene seats and revolutionary Green-Concrete. Our fav has to be the solid reclaimed oak seats that come from old architecture in the USA made by Amish Craftsmen in Pennsylvania. These beautiful elements all sit on Emeco’s timeless recycled aluminum legs offered in natural, black anodized, or reclaimed oak. Together, Nendo and Emeco have created a masterpiece that, in our minds, takes cues from the original chair. The original has inspired many designers, and this collection is a natural extension of the Emeco navy chair we’ve all come to appreciate.

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