Harper Wall Storage


Have endless opportunities with flexibility and style with the Kraft & Ulrich Harper Wall Storage. As our interests grow, so does our storage needs, so it’s nice when furniture is designed to meet these demands. We hate replacing our cherished furniture just because we choose to ride our board instead of our bike. So called non-designers Kraft & Ulrich have managed to create a wicked wall storage unit that is as multifaceted as our trusty multi-tool. Made in Germany using oak covered plywood base, it offers numerous plug-in elements which consist of hooks, metal shelves, wood boxes and fabric loops. The Harper is an expandable modular system that is sure to adjust to your every need. To top it off, Kraft & Ulrich are the much deserved winner of the 2015 ISPO style winner award.

Available in either set packages or individually, pick yours up at Kraft & Ulrich online store.