CW&T Blockhead Stem IB


Ride at your own risk with the CW&T Blockhead Stem IB. As a regular rider/commuter (who enjoys my brakes), there is something to be said about riders who take it to the next level and ride with a single brake, or no brake at all. If I were to ever venture into hard core fixie-land, this would be the stem I would purchase. Developed by the folks at CW&T who pride themselves on over-engineered but minimal masterpieces, have come up with this damn sexy  and chunky blockhead stem. Incorporated into the design is a single brake leaver that is wickedly integrated as if it were a natural extension of the stem. For such a simply square-headed design, that’s one impressive feat. Made using 6061 Aluminum, stainless steel screws, and a zero degree rise, this ain’t for the faint of heart. But you know what they say; if you’re braking, than you’re not riding fast enough.

Pick yours up at CW&T Online store.