Keiji Ashizawa’s Toolbox


Introducing the Keiji Ashizawa’s Toolbox, the perfect resting place for all your tools. There are tools, and then there are tools that you truly appreciate that are often stored deep within your so-called tool box. That tool box, albeit functional, has always followed a standard form. Keiji Ashizawa’s Toolbox, a Saturday Market Project (SMP)/CoLab exclusive is a fresh take on the typical boring design. It represents everything about what good design is all about. Its simple form combined with traditional materials and methods showcase a story of the craftsman and designer. Handmade in Japan, the Keiji Ashizawa’s Toolbox is built using Paulownia wood by Nakamura Woodworking which all sits on a hand-forged steel structure made by Super Robot. Although some might question why you’d use such artful storage for your tools, we argue that good tools, whether they are your wood working saws or your prized drawing instruments deserve a sweet place of their own.

Pick up this exclusive toolbox at SMP’s online store.