Leaf House


Portable modern living with the Leaf House. It’s not a camper, or a house, it’s a Tiny House on wheels designed for extreme conditions. It’s the perfect residence for extended periods of stay, whether that’s a multiple week rest-stop in a campground, or a monthly excursion in the backcountry. Unlike the typical process of purchasing a camper, the Leaf House was designed to be built by the owners. For a small price you get the full working drawings, blueprints, and material lists to build your own Leaf House. If you have the time, energy, and a little know-how, this little bad boy can be yours. Designed and crafted for the harsh Canadian winters, these Leaf Houses will easily keep you warm in the winter, and features all the necessities of a portable home. If you’re going off the grid, the Leaf can also be upgraded to a solar/wind system.

More details and building plans available through the Leaf House website.