The Slit iPhone 6 case


Accept no compromises with the The Slit iPhone 6 case. When it comes to product design and fabrication, I often wonder whether or not it can be pushed further. When I look around, companies are often rehashing existing designs, manufacturing processes, and materials, and in the end it all looks very similar. The folks at SQUAIR have come up with a unique iPhone cover that I can honestly say I’ve never seen before. Made in Japan, SQUAIR manufactured the Slit utilizing Duralumin, a super lightweight strong aluminum alloy (mainly used in aircrafts). Blocks of Duralumin are meticulously shaved down using a 5-axes 3D cutter. Because of its labor intensive process, was thought to not to be viable. In the end, thanks to ingenious Japanese engineers/craftsmen, the impossible has become possible. However nice the phone case is, there is one downside to chartering new territory, and that so happens to be its price. At 2000$US a pop, does your 800$ iPhone really deserve the protection and masterful art piece that this can provide?

Available in black, gold and silver, treat your iPhone the way it was supposed to be and order yours at