Axalko Makilla Hiking Pole


Take a hike with the Axalko Makilla Telescopic Wooden Hiking Pole. We all enjoy the outdoors and it’s nice to see companies like Axalko design and produce beautiful, technical, and high performance equipment out of renewable resources. With countless hours of research and their love of wood they continue to introduce wood in all areas of product design where others have not. The Makilla is handmade in Spain (Basque Country) using walnut, cherry, or maple and is offered in 9 different combinations. Its handle design utilizes the nature shape of the wood to make for a comfortable grip. It is finished off with a natural soft suede strap, a titanium tip, and a natural rubber basket. Wood continues to prove that it can be utilized in pretty much any situation. This goes to show that this age old product will always be right up there with its high-tech counterparts.

Order your stick at Axalko’s online store.