Buster Bulb

Meet the Buster Bulb, the first LED lightbulb that has a personality. We’ve lived far too long with those stark, clinical, ultra bright LED bulbs, and it’s time for some character and mood. The soul of the Buster Bulb by Buster + Punch starts at the center with the resin light pipe that creates a stunning subtle ambient light. This warm impeccable 3W (dimmable) light is then filtered by your choice of a gold, smoked or crystal glass bulb. Similar to every other LED bulb, The Buster uses 1/20th the energy of traditional bulbs, and will give you about 10,000 hours. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, this bulb needs a fixture that lives up to its standard. For the guaranteed perfect look, pair the Buster Bulb with the matching Heavy Metal pendant, crafted from solid steel and available in three color combinations.

Set the mood, and get your bulb or pendant set directly from Buster + Punch.