Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Set


A life of crime reveals its permanent side with the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Set. Tattoos often tell a story about the person who gets inked up, and that’s no different for convicts who have spent their time in the Russian jail system. These offenders have created a unique style that revolves around the artful, distasteful, and sexually explicit including harems of naked women, daggers with blood, benign images of Christ and sweet-faced mothers and babies. Although not your average tattoo you’d see on LA Inked, these tattoos capture a subculture that is a fascinating as it is strange. The Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Set, as it implies, is part of  a collection of over 3000 tattoos captured by prison attendant Danzig Baldaev.

Made up of Volumes I,II and III, as well as a separate postcard collection, order one or all four at Amazon.