The bike locking experience has been redefined by Skylock. Imagine a world where you can confidently lock your bike in any public location then be alerted when someone is attempting to steal your bike, even if it was accidentally bumped. What would it be like if you could openly share your bike with close friends so they could simply unlock your bike with one tap on their phone? Imagine the security if you knew your family would be notified if you crashed while commuting to work. Now imagine a lock that is just as strong as that old rusty U-lock, but includes all these integrated features. Unlike your phone that needs recharging every night, the Skylock includes a solar panel that will provide enough charge for six months of continuous use. The Skylock will not only give you the confidence to lock your ridiculously expensive bike on the sketchy east side, but will change how you share and use your bike with your network.

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