Taylor Revolution Reel


Time for the big leagues with a Taylor Revolution Reel. You may have spent your lifetime fly fishing tiny mountain trout, but with the New Taylor Revolution Reel you’ll be playing with the big boys. Designed from the ground up and a huge step forward from their original Array Reel, the Revolution embodies the worlds best drag system (VERT3X), built to catch the largest fish on the planet. This new VERT3X drag is a completely sealed multi-disk system that allows for even braking pressure and heat dispersion over multiple surfaces, eliminating start up inertia and also prevents slip problems. Taylor have invested countless hours perfecting their new drag system, but they also overhauled the whole design making sure no detail was overlooked and carefully considered how far the drag knob protrudes, the handle size, the concave depth, the spool diameter to width ratio and even the clicking mechanism. The Revolution is machined from 6061T alloy aluminum making this reel ultra light, but ridiculously strong and ridged.

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