Cage Tape Measure


Exposure is a thing of beauty with the Cage Tape Measure. Tape measures are typically only seen as a functional tool, but if you’re handy like us, than the importance is irreplaceable. Everyone has a traditional tape measure, in fact mine is often laying on the counter, ready at a moments notice. Because it’s out in the open, it would be nice to have something that doesn’t reveal a big chunk of brightly colored plastic. The Cage Tape Measure by Death at Sea has done just that.  Through the magic of 3D printing, Matt Cavanaugh has printed a stainless steel cage and reel, transforming the typical tape measure into a work of art. Unfortunately the blade doesn’t lock, but it can be held by touching the exposed reel. Handmade in his Brooklyn studio, he goes above and beyond exposing his inner talent for wicked unexpected products.

Order yours at Death at Sea’s online store.