Dinky Dub Camper

The Dinky Dub Camper proves bigger isn’t always better. In a market saturated with oversized campers it’s virtually impossible to find a compact camper, let alone a stylish one. The Dinky Dub is about 25% smaller than the original Dub-Box, however it offers the same options as the full sized model. Like the Dub-Boxes, these Dinky Dubs resemble the original VW Westfalias and are made with 100% new fiberglass shell. The Dinky may not be designed for a family of four, but makes the perfect 2-person camper when you’re driving a car. With a price point between $8k – $15k (depending on features), you’ll be hard pressed to find anything else as functional and impressive as the Dinky.

Visit Dub-box for more details and to start the pre-order process.