Make Co. Surf Comb


Introducing the Make Co. Surf Comb, a true marker of a great surfer. As minimal as surfing is, it’s a sport where you are completely alone with the water and your board. Pretty simple concept. With that said, shouldn’t your tools mimic the respect you show your board and the water? You know what they say, with the best tools come the best work. Make Co. completely understands this concept and have made the Surf Comb to back it up. Made out of cast copper, the comb is inlayed with black walnut (wicked choice). It personifies a refined and functional beauty reserved for the best of the best. Attached to the comb is a leather sheath and cord made by their friends at Dominion Leather, giving you the flexibility to attach it to pretty much anything of importance like your keys or pack. With all the plastic crap out there, Surf Comb by Make Co. will make sure you and your board age with dignity.

Get your via Make Co.’s online store.