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Prospector Co. Shaving Brush


The ritual of shaving just got a whole lot sweeter with the Prospector Co. Shaving Brush. Ever since I changed over to a straight safety razor and a nice shaving brush the whole ritual takes on a life of its own. I’ve got a standard stainless steel brush with fine badger hair, but after seeing these two beauts’, my choice has changed. Leading the way (and my first choice) is the pure badger shaving brush. This little modern brush is made from steamed ash wood and is highlighted with a chrome-plated base design.  It features the almighty badger fur which is the choice of brush materials because if its quality bristles that lather up wonderfully giving you a great soft massaging effect. The Acacia wood brush (a close second), is made from long-lasting and highly durable Acacia wood and features bristles made from a superior quality black fibre, (similar qualities to badger hair) for all those vegan shavers. If you haven’t gotten into that ritual yet, or just looking for an change, than I would consider these two made in Germany wood shavers, your face will thank you for it.

Order yours via Prospector Co.’s online store.