Riversong Curved-Handle Net


Introducing the Riversong Curved-Handle, from necessity comes a wicked piece of functional art. I’ve been searching for a net that would be worthy of my fishing excursions, and let me tell you, the selection is slim. If you’re in the market for a net than I would recommend checking out Riversong nets. Handmade in the USA (North Western New Jersey to be exact), John the owner goes about his business crafting nets that blends craft with form and function. Made in his small shop, he pours countless hours into each net. As you would expect from most artisans he’s proud of his work and constructs each net out of locally sourced hardwoods as well upon special request, sustainable sourced exotic woods. The Curved-Handle Net is one of my favs’ drawing inspiration from tenkura-style net designs. This net is made from north-eastern maple which has been shaped beautifully to showcase the curved grain. The net features a fish-friendly netbag, which is great because there is nothing better than a happy safe fish.

Get yours from Riversong’s online store.